Tuesday, January 1, 2008

i suppose blogging is the thing to do on january first.

maybe coming up with some resolutions isn't such a bad idea after all. i have always been somewhat opposed to making new years resolutions. why not february 11th resolutions? i guess it's the idea of starting over fresh, or something sappy and along those lines.

i am at a point in my life where making some resolutions might not be a bad thing.

i am watching austin powers on tv. that movie used to be so funny to me. its not anymore.

does anybody else love the movie chitty chitty bang bang? man i miss that.

does anybody else think i should leave mcc and find a different degree at a different school without pointless rules? i sure as heck do.

i hope everybody had a good christmas, and also new years. and i hope that when i move back to manhattan we get to hang out. because i like manhattan.

nicholas david welch