Saturday, December 22, 2007

who knows.

lately i have been thinking alot about violence. when is it justified and when is it wrong? i think that if you are defending the weak, it is ok. but last night i had a dream where a guy hit my girlfriend in the face with a snowball, so i picked up a chunk of ice and smashed his face with it. a move that was highly uncalled for, but i was defending the "weak". sorry mara. so how do you define "defend", or "weak" for that matter? (define define) are we defending the weak in iraq? or anywhere else in the world? or is our military there for other reasons. i dont think our army should be over there anymore.

also, what part should a presidents religious views play in determining his decisions? i dont think they should play a part, but at the same time, we all have convictions, and those have to come from some where.

the bottom line is, i dont know very much today. but i do know that i am watching the movie "open range" right now, and i like it.

if you haven't been here then you should go now. because he is hilarious.

nicholas david welch

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i was once in high school. (?)

i am sitting in my friend josh's classroom. he teaches math at my old high school, and it is the last 10 minutes of the last final of the semester. the kids in the class are done for the most part, except for lenard who is sitting in front of me. lenard is cool, and he is patiently working through his final while 2 guys walk around the room being really annoying. these two guys are pushing every single rule that they can think of, for the sake of forgetting about their boredom. in the big scheme of things it's not a big deal, but i have been in lenard's shoes before, and it really is pretty stupid and annoying what the two demons are up to. i have also been in the demons shoes. which made me realize, even more, how annoying i can be. sorry about that.

nicholas david welch

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

no power, kappa food, the styx

well manhattan is up in arms over the ice storm. which, besides the power outage, doesnt seem very bad. i have been in a sorrority house more hours straight than i ever have been. and i am about to eat their food. the kitchen staff is listening to the styx right now. its awesome. i might have failed one final, and i have no idea when my other one is. i would just like to go home i think.
i am sitting next to my girlfriend right now and i think she is secretly trying to read what i am writing, she keeps glancing at me and nervously playing with my keys.
if you think you are better than my girlfriend you are lying to yourself.

nicholas david welch

Friday, November 30, 2007

friday nights (or, i like cops and queers)

it's friday night. i just mispelled that as "fright". but i fixed it don't worry. i am doing homework, that's not what you should be doing on a friday night. the past few days have sucked. my computer broke, i hit a car, i sold a drumset that still wont cover the cost of the cars damage, and i have a whole lot of homework to do by monday or bad things happen.

on a positive note, i ate taco bell tonight. in a few hours im sure that will end up being a negative note. i am listening to ben folds right now. that is always a positive note. i heard a rumor that he once played the piano so hard that he broke a piano string, which i would imagine is very hard to do.

boose gumps and runny babbits.

nicholas david welch

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

schoolwork, music, and a girl

my schoolwork load has been very easy so far, until this week. i have an awful lot of things to get done. also, i dont think that i should be penalized for absence from classes, especially if said absences are less than or equal 6. i have a couple of classes where i could fail the class if i miss more than 4 classes. which doesnt seem entirely fair. but i suppose that's part of "real life".

music has been fun lately, me and some friends recorded some songs at my friends house, and i think they will turn out well.

there is also a girl named mara that has agreed to hang out with me alot lately. she has been doing so for 4 or 5 months. coincidentally, we are dating, or "going steady" if you will.

i also think that if you use the word "awkward" more than twice a day to describe interactions you've had with people, it is your fault. yes you heard me correctly, you are the awkward one. i say this because 95% of the time i hear someone say "awkwaaaard" after a situation, that situation was not awkward for anyone... until you say that.

thank you that is all.

nicholas david welch

Thursday, November 15, 2007

oh gosh.

I had almost forgotten that I have this blog, good thing I remembered! I still feel sort of weird writing on here, because I know that nobody reads it, especially since it has been about 5 years since I have been on here.
Does anyone else remember Ty Pennington? What happened to him?
If you are wanting an update on my life, I am still in college, I still don't really like it, and I still don't really know what I'm going to do afterwards. I am currently taking suggestions.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

what the heck are we thinking?

so far the war in iraq has cost us 145.2 billion dollars.
124 billion dollars would give free health insurance to all the uninsured families in america.
116 billion dollars would give everyone in america free gasoline on monday, wednesday and fridays.
115 billion dollars would give every college student in america free tuition as well as room and board.
68 billion dollars would convert every registered car to run on ethanol.
30 billion dollars would give every child in the world basic education.
21 billion dollars would give universal access to sanitary water for everyone on earth.
7 billion dollars would end hunger in america alone.

will someone please explain to me why we are so worried about killing people that we spend this kind of money on it? america has a pretty damn stupid git-r-done mentality right now. i dont know this just really makes me sad, i hope it makes you sad also.

Thursday, February 8, 2007

what i am doing.

i maybe write too much about what others should be doing, if you have talked to me at all in the past few days you have probably heard me rambling about shane claiborne. what i like about him is he simply talks about what he does, not anything about other people. so i will now simply talk about whats going on in my life. nothing really. i am doin the school thing, and that is going pretty well. other than that, i am sucking. basically. i am struggling with things like patience with others alot. it is really hard for me right now to deal with arrogant people. there is one kid in my class who will remain nameless, but he is a senior, and lets everyone know it. he is "obviously" more educated than us, and he makes us aware of this through his not so subtle under the breath utterings that put people in their place after they have asked the teacher a legitimate question. you know the kind of people im talking about, they feel like everyone needs and wants to know that they know the answer. i am not loving him at all right now.
today in my history of christianity class, our prof was speaking about muslim people, and he mentioned a point in history when they were being severely persecuted. a baseball player from the back of the room hideously scoffed, "oh thats too bad"
it was by the grace of God alone, that i did not flip out on the kid and start screaming in the middle of class. i didnt even give him a dirty look. part of me thinks i shouldve said something, but part of me knows it would not have been out of a love for him, that i would be correcting him.
i have no idea why i write some of this stuff out here for whoever reads this to see. mostly because i dont want people to think i am perfect and always have deeply spiritual thoughts or whatever. most of the time i suck at life, and am negative. and get pissed at people. sorry if i led you to believe otherwise. sorry this is so dark.
did you know that every bottle of fiji water requires as much oil as there is water in the bottle, to produce it, and 2-3 times as much water as is actually in the bottle?

Thursday, February 1, 2007

Jesus wrecked my life.

i read an article in relevant magazine the other day written by a guy name shane claiborne. it was actually 2 different exerps from his book "the irresistable revolution", which is really good by the way. (so far). he talks about how we hear all of these "success" stories involving people who were once druglords, murders, and cussers who find Christ, and immediately their life is better, and they become clean cut, get some nice looking shirts, and go speak at church camps. there is nothing wrong with this at all. i think it is awesome that people that appear to be so lost can find Jesus like that. but i think those of us that grow up hearing these stories, those of us who have it all together, and have been christians since we burst from the womb, hear these stories and think, "man so we are supposed to get our crap together when we recieve Christ". i dont think this is necesarrily true, shane says that once he started taking his faith seriously, Jesus wrecked his life. and i think that should be true in all of our lives. if your natural reaction to every single situation is to respond in love, than dont worry about what i am writing, because you are obviously beyond this. but if you respond to situations out of anger, then Jesus will turn your life upside down. if you care about homeless people, then Jesus will turn your life upside down. He doesn't care if we simply care about them, he calls us to know them. what shane is saying is, once you start REALLY looking at how Jesus lived his life, and REALLY start trying to emulate that, then your comfortable life will be turned to shambles. i am very comfortable right now, not in the sense that i have nice things, but in the sense that it is freaking cold out (14 deg.) right now, and i am sitting here in my warm house about to eat a heart shaped pizza that my mom makes every valentines season. instead of going out and feeding pizza to homeless people. i say this to you pointing out that i am the worst of offenders, and asking you to join me in my quest for living the loving life we are supposed to.


Saturday, January 27, 2007

everything is fast right now

right now so many things are flashing through my thoughts. what i am going to do this summer, what i am going to do this year, what i am going to do the rest of my life. why havent i done things ive wanted to do? why am i lazy? some cool things are happening to my friends, for example blake. blake if you dont want your URL up there tell me and ill take it down. not many people read this anyway. i have kind of an opportunity to work at a really cool ministry this summer, but it wouldnt pay. but if i could get this job it would open up many doors for the future, and this particular ministry is exactly the kind of thing i would like to do with my life. but at the same time i need to make money, more to please my parents and make money for school, than for the american dream. there are lots of things i would like to do this school year, most of which have to do with affecting people positively by how i live my life. some of which have to do with things like photography and writing. we will see.
i guess i am in a "band" now. i feel like a dumb kid who says "yeah, im in a band" when i say that. but me and my friends jeremy and dave and josh are kind of getting one started. it is great to get away from just playing worship music that is so set in the way that it is played. and write my own music for. not that i am that good at doing that anyway. i think i am ready to admit that i am self-conscious of my musical ability, probably because i have many friends who are incredible at music. and i hate the fact that because a few idiots have made comments to me about my talent, i take that and bury it and refuse to blow it off. that sounds a little stupid and pity partyish. but whatever.
i am being really honest on this thing, kind of weird, but its cool i suppose.
how are you guys doing? its kind of nice that blogspot isnt really used for communication, but sometimes its nice to know people's thoughts on things. so please feel more than free to comment on here. i think you can do it anonymously if you wish to.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

music pervert

i am going to try and keep this short, because i could very easily make it longer than i want to.
i recently read on one of my friends profiles that he doesn't like "secular" music because it is too perverted. if you ask me, christian music is the perverted industry. aren't we as christians NOT supposed to put on a perfect front, and then go out sell Jesus trinkets, and try to make a buck off God? granted some "christian" artists do an ok job, a huge majority of them are in it for the money, and because they cant make it in the secular musical world.
often times i hear christians say that christian bands dont get played on the radio because of their blatant christian lyrics. maybe its because christian music in general just sucks. if "christian" artists were up there with whoever else, wouldnt they be nominated for emmy's or grammy's or whatever the crap you get for music? or would they make up their own category as to not get left out.
i know personally, and listen to many artists who are christians and dont go under a christian label. and i think its hilarious that their "christianness" drops in value do to that. david bazaan, for example, i was reading an interview with him and he was talking about how at just about every show he plays at, people go up to him and ask him if he is really a christian because he swears sometimes in his songs. he said that he does not even respond to those people. this might be a little bit mean, but i bet he gets real tired of defending himself and his music. christians should not say they want honest music, because when they get it, they question it.
i am not sure what set me off about this, but whatever. i hope this makes people mad and makes them think about things.


Sunday, January 21, 2007

Jackson Pollock was not a happy man.

I have seen pictures of Jackson Pollock's paintings, and ive even seen a few in the MOMA in new york. after seeing his paintings, i made an unconscious decision that Pollock must be a happy dude. i dont know why i thought so, maybe i thought since his paintings made me happy to some degree, he must happy. because unhappy people cant make happy things. anyway as i watched the movie i was kind of surprised to find out that not only was he not a happy fellow, he was very much the opposite. anyway this is a lame and cliche observation, but i think alot of people are like jackson pollock. while they may not be raging alcoholics that piss in the fireplace in the middle of the party, they paint beautiful, seemingly happy paintings, and they are not happy people.
Make someone's day better.


Tuesday, January 16, 2007

using kurt kobain

last night me and my chum marketh wampler watched possibly the most depressing movie i have ever seen. the movie was called "last days" and it was directed by a man named gus van sant. there was maybe a couple paragraphs worth of dialogue, and pretty much everytime someone did converse with "blake" (kurt kobain) they were asking him for something in some fashion. everyone in the movie save the occasional yellow pages salesman was stumbling around on a killer high that lasted way too long. they were baked to the point that life basically had meaning beyond how they could get the next round of dollars out of blake. blake was the epitomy of depression in his last day on earth, he went from the woods, to his huge house, to club, to greenhouse and i dont think he truly understood a second of his surroundings, i wouldnt be surprised if he had no clue what he was doing when he killed himself.
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mark brought up the point that this is basically what we would be like if we did now know truth. and i agree with him. while i might not do a great job as serving God, and loving others, at least i know why am i here. this is isn't the deepest thing ive ever written but i wanted to share it.