Saturday, December 22, 2007

who knows.

lately i have been thinking alot about violence. when is it justified and when is it wrong? i think that if you are defending the weak, it is ok. but last night i had a dream where a guy hit my girlfriend in the face with a snowball, so i picked up a chunk of ice and smashed his face with it. a move that was highly uncalled for, but i was defending the "weak". sorry mara. so how do you define "defend", or "weak" for that matter? (define define) are we defending the weak in iraq? or anywhere else in the world? or is our military there for other reasons. i dont think our army should be over there anymore.

also, what part should a presidents religious views play in determining his decisions? i dont think they should play a part, but at the same time, we all have convictions, and those have to come from some where.

the bottom line is, i dont know very much today. but i do know that i am watching the movie "open range" right now, and i like it.

if you haven't been here then you should go now. because he is hilarious.

nicholas david welch

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

i was once in high school. (?)

i am sitting in my friend josh's classroom. he teaches math at my old high school, and it is the last 10 minutes of the last final of the semester. the kids in the class are done for the most part, except for lenard who is sitting in front of me. lenard is cool, and he is patiently working through his final while 2 guys walk around the room being really annoying. these two guys are pushing every single rule that they can think of, for the sake of forgetting about their boredom. in the big scheme of things it's not a big deal, but i have been in lenard's shoes before, and it really is pretty stupid and annoying what the two demons are up to. i have also been in the demons shoes. which made me realize, even more, how annoying i can be. sorry about that.

nicholas david welch

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

no power, kappa food, the styx

well manhattan is up in arms over the ice storm. which, besides the power outage, doesnt seem very bad. i have been in a sorrority house more hours straight than i ever have been. and i am about to eat their food. the kitchen staff is listening to the styx right now. its awesome. i might have failed one final, and i have no idea when my other one is. i would just like to go home i think.
i am sitting next to my girlfriend right now and i think she is secretly trying to read what i am writing, she keeps glancing at me and nervously playing with my keys.
if you think you are better than my girlfriend you are lying to yourself.

nicholas david welch