Monday, June 16, 2008


My friend Adam Paul Cooper knows every lyric in every Kanye West song. That is impressive. And he is also talented at skittles. I take it back Adam, there is skill required for that game, and you have it.

nicholas david welch

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

noone's gonna love you

I have a sunburn. I love that.

Today at a middle school pool party a 13 year old boy asked me if "Christ's pain on the cross was derived from the sins of mankind, or the Son's separation from the Father". In case you don't understand how abnormal this is, my next most stimulating conversation was this:

Mitchell: "Nick, can I have a dollar for skittles?"
Me: "No"

Also, I have been leading a group of 4th graders in VBS this week. Jedidiah calls me his "hairy homie". Charlie calls me his leprechaun, and rubs my stomach. They like me because I let them steal the decorations that line the hallways of the church. They respect me because I told them I ate cowballs. They fear me because I accidently threw Louie into a wall. He is so little, and so mischievous.

Why does gas cost so much? Why don't I have a scooter? Why is my room always messy? Why am I scared of the 4th grade girl that sits in front of us in morning assembly and throws hard candies? Probably because the candies that she throws are hard.

Alan loves BBQ.

nicholas david welch

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We bought some wine and some paper cups

I have been rereading The Irresistible Revolution for my job this summer, hoping to maybe do a book study with some guys. If you have not read this book, I greatly recommend it. He speaks alot about being friends with poor people. I realize how much I suck at it. I don't have any friends that are homeless or that don't live in nice houses. I think the way we live would be changed alot if we actually knew people that were poor. I don't think we would buy as much dumb crap. I don't think we would get as caught up in wondering what the person next to us thinks about us.

I don't think that we would worry about ourselves as much. We should start caring more about our friends and people we haven't met. We should care about the environment, and not blow people that do care about it off as liberals or whatever. We should stop buying as much crap. We should stop drinking soda as much (that might just be me). We should start doing everything excellently, not half assed (everything I do is perfect).

Anyway, I have been thinking about alot of things lately, I am just choosing to not put them on here. But I would love to talk about it, so just ask.

I have great friends. My mexican coworker Alicia wants me to tell you that she is awesome. The people that work at Hillcrest Covenant make me believe in alot of things.

nicholas david welch