Friday, April 25, 2008

Blog Pressure

I apologize for the second consecutive blog dedicated to blogging, but there is something that I think I need to address. Which coincidentally, again is about blogging frequency. I feel pressured (most likely from myself) to update my blog about every two days, but sometimes I have nothing to say... and I don't want to waste your time, or mine. On the other hand, I enjoy reading about your lives, so I would appreciate it if you did not follow my example in sporadic blogging.

Next, I would like to talk briefly about professionalism. I just sat through a presentation given by a fellow student, this presentation was supposed to be around 20 minutes in length. We were given the whole semester to prepare for this presentation, so clearly it will be a large portion of our grade. In the first slide of his speech he spelled the word "salavation" which should have been "salvation". Once he noticed that he misspelled the title of his presentation he informed us that "once he was finished writing his paper, he was too tired to care about putting his presentation together". You wouldn't think that the presentation could go downhill from there, but believe me, it could, and did. There were a minimum of 3 misspelled words per slide, and the slideshow lasted about 10 minutes. His project was an exegetical one, but he spent the majority of his time discussing his opinion, which shouldn't really even be discussed in an exegetical research.

I couldn't help but be a little bit annoyed by it, I mean, we are in college, and the majority of people graduating from my school will be working in a church within a few years. It just seems as though we should display a certain level of professionalism. Or at least a certain level of intelligence. Not that I am all that intelligent or professional myself...

Anyway... have a good weekend everyone. My semester is easy starting now, so let's hang out.

nicholas david welch

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Stuff this christian doesn't like... excessive blogging.

There is a semi popular blog floating around: "stuff christians like"

First of all, "prodigal jon", apparently you stuck too many f's in the URL of your blog. Fix that.

Second... you have written 70 blogs so far in the month of April. A couple of them were humorous, but not enough of them were.

I took the liberty of doing the math, on my calculatorwatch, and this means that you have written 3.5 blogs a day this month. This means that you are spending at least 5 hours a day writing your blog (2.5 spent actually writing + 2.5 thinking about what to write). 5 x 20 = 100 (minimum) hours this month (which isn't over) that you have dedicated to your blog.

If you were this guy which is to say, hilarious and brilliant, I would be alright with the number of hours you spend doing this. I have not even calculated in the other 2 websites you claim to run. But your posts are a little hit or miss. I just feel as though you probably have family or friends that are being neglected whilst you stare at a screen thinking upon every church memory you have.

My suggestion? Pace yourself. One a day, maximum. Make them count. Then go outside and play frisbee or something.

Some retard at Wal-Greens scanned my negatives wrong and flipped them all, and preview won't fix it. If you know why this is happening to me, let me know.

nicholas david welch

Friday, April 18, 2008


What started out as a realization that I was out of this stuff I put in my hair, soon led to me realizing I don't really want to go out and buy more product. That soon led to me realizing that I don't care that much about my hair. Which soon led to what you see above.

The good news: it took me longer to dry my beard than it did my hair.

The bad news: I may or may not be going bald. Time will tell.

I wrote a blog earlier today when I was in a bad mood. I was told that I swore too much. So I deleted it. But I will give you a basic rundown of what I said:

1. If you are a professor and teach an easy class like "intro to personal computing", don't make it hard. Thats stupid.

2. If you sit in the back row of my Doctrine class, there is a really good chance I want you to shut up.

3. I don't remember what else there was... but it was mostly stuff I shouldn't say on here.

I love you all.

nicholas david welch

Saturday, April 12, 2008

DCFC Video

Please take eight minutes and thirty one seconds of your life and watch this video.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Oreos and OJ

I have been trying to be healthier lately, so I went to bed at around 10:30 last night. Then at about 1 in morning I woke up extremely disoriented, and apparently made my way into the kitchen. Judging by the empty orange juice bottle (found laying in my dirty clothes basket) and half empty box of chocolate covered mint oreos (found next to my pillow) my subconscious does not wish for me to continue any sort of healthy eating streak.

Apart from that, my car is fine. It wouldn't start yesterday, but it does now.

We have some shows coming up that you should go to. Auntie Mae's in manhattan tonight, and Tyler Bottles' house on Saturday.

I want to live in Kansas City. I like Manhattan, but I love Kansas City too much.

The Royals own. Enough said. Let's cross our fingers and hope this streak of playing well lasts for a long time.

nicholas david welch

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Kansas Summer

Today I drove to Kansas City. I had a few reasons, but none were really that important.

I love KC.

I want to live here this summer. Good thing I am.

OK here's the deal guys. My summer is going to rule. If you are going to be in KC this summer, I want to hang out with you. We will make it rule even more together. We will go to Royals games, and go on picnics, and roadtrips, and go to Quicktrip at 2 in the morning, and sneak into public pools, and ride bikes, and go to Quicktrip, and play with dogs that don't belong to us, and have barbeques, and go to concerts, and do stuff in the rain, and go to Quicktrip, and play music, and take pictures, and sneak onto roofs of tall buildings, and you can smoke some hookah and I will watch cause I won't be allowed to.

Unfortunately tomorrow we have to go to school. BUT... after enough "tomorrows" we will have summer. And we will do all those things I just talked about.

nicholas david welch

Saturday, April 5, 2008

unique new york.

Does anyone want to join a bowling league this summer? I think this could be a fun idea.

I decided that I need to do a lot more sit ups and stuff (I just watched 300).

I got new glasses today and they look like this:

Me and some friends are playing some music in the next couple weeks.
Thursday April 10th @ Auntie Maes (Manhattan)
Saturday April 12th @ Tyler Bottle's house (KC)
Saturday April 19th @ KSU Union (Manhattan)

It would be great if you came to any of these.

nicholas david welch

Thursday, April 3, 2008

but in a language that you can't read - just yet.

Lately I have been thinking about salvation. If you ever went to youth group or anything like that you have probably handed out tracts in some form, or you have given food to homeless people with the intent of telling them about Jesus. This "evangelism" is told to be what Christ expects of us. "We need to go out and evangelize to people". Which we do. However, this is not evangelism. Maybe you will plant a seed in their life, but more than likely (if you don't annoy them) these blunt tactics will achieve nothing more than a reaction. Christianity isn't a reaction. I don't think that salvation is achieved by a few moments in someone's life. It isn't the prayer you said when you were with your parents/youth pastor/friend timmy whilst battling G.I. Joe style. It isn't even the prayer that someone might say when they are 20 something, after thinking about Scriptures for years. Christianity is the way you live, it's loving people, trusting in Jesus, doing things for others (amongst other things).

Do you really think that can be achieved in a 5-10 minute conversation with a homeless guy you met on a street of Chicago with your youth group passing out sandwiches in the "dangerous part of town". I would argue that it is accomplished by moving to the "dangerous part of town" and sharing life with people like them. And I don't think evangelism is bringing some random kid you met to youth group and never speaking to them again. It isn't blasting someone with your religious words that you picked up while attending various church services. Guess what, people that aren't Christians don't know what those words mean, and probably don't care. Christianity isn't listening to christian music, or boycotting movies because they are rated R.

My good friend Barret Hunstad and I were talking last night and he brought up how the whole "Having a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ" thing is overdone. What he meant was, these stupid cheesy words that we use, and the simple concepts we put behind them. He went on to say that these things are overdone because there is truth to them. There is. We do have a personal relationship with Jesus. But stop leaving it at that. Think about things. Why did he have to die on the cross? We just take these simple concepts, and run with them. We don't try to gain a further understanding of anything.

I want to say to people who don't think they are good enough at evangelism, you are good enough. Because it isn't most of the things we think of (tracts, TALKING about Jesus, whatever). It is living like Christ lived (which isn't too complex, he loved people and treated them like good people) when others see that, in my opinion, you have evangelized.

Basically, I dont think I act like I love Jesus enough. And I don't think I am the only one.

nicholas david welch