Monday, October 6, 2008


peace out blogspot

tumblr is better

nicholas david welch


adam paul said...

good. it's finally happening.

i hope the whole world turns to this tumblr business and i'm the only one left with a blogspot. cause i hate getting comments that are unrelated to my post but sometimes i give a shit what other people think. mainly cause i dont have all the answers and sometimes other people do.

and when you link to my site on your new blog you will get NO thanks from me. not because i dont want to thank you. but because i can't.

enjoy blogging once a month on another site. a hole.

adam paul said...

and ps. your "no commenting" reason is useless because you have the option to make any post on here without commenting.

and that consequently makes your "checking blogspot for comments" point totally void.

in 6 months when everyone has a tumblr you'll just have to move again. point 2 = void.

if it was about the content you were writing and what you wanted to express then you wouldn't care if it "looked cooler". its not about the blogging. its about the coolness. point 1 = void.

really that accounts for everything but the fact that you want to be like ryan adams. and i respect that.

enjoy tumblr. i hope you feel guilty about it every day now.

karlie nicole mann. said...

adam cooper is heartless.

adam paul said...

who cares if i'm heartless?
it shouldn't matter. he doesn't care what anyone thinks anyway.

adam paul said...

besides. he'll probably never even read these since he's so done with blogspot.

bad diary days said...

i dont really know why im responding to this. adam will probably think that he has been proven right since i did in fact come back to my blogspot.

the reason the comment thing annoys me, is that blogspot then becomes a conversation tool, as you mentioned. i realize that i can take off the comment option, but i cannot take off everyone else's, and since i cant do that... i cant change many people's reasons for having a blogspot. (many people, not all) look at xanga, facebook, myspace, virb... these are all popular because people can correspond with you, and essentially because you can find out how much people like you. (not universally true, so dont argue with me)

will everyone have a tumblr in 6 months? probably not. and it probably has alot to do with the no comment option thing. and if they do... the world will end.

obviously blogging is about content. and since i enjoy things aesthetically pleasing, it is also about my blog looking nice. sorry? call it coolness, call it looking nice, who cares?

ryan adams is a badass.

i am excited to see what tom writes after all this.

Dustin said...

Tumbly might look cooler on the site but in a reader it looks *stupid*

so NDW, don't do it for me, don't do it for whoever else, but come back for all the fans that read your blog in a reader... like me and whoever else.

if you really want something that looks better, check out square space - at least it loads the pictures into readers, unlike tumblebutt.

Tyler R said...

This is incredibly upsetting.

The only reason I started a blog was so you and I could share comments. I can already see that you're not going to come through for me on this.

I can't wait until Tumblr 2.0 rolls out with the new "comment" feature. Mark my words, it will happen.

kate said...

i support your decision in moving. i like your tumblr for the most part... i like tumblr as a whole, you're correct in thinking that it looks much cooler. i would switch to tumblr too but i dont want to be a follower. shanna says i should switch anyway and just say it was because of her and not you. but you guys are both rad. plus i have a crush on you.

thomas park said...